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Born on 14 August 1934 in Arles, France.

In his childhood he learned to play the violin.

In 1949 he took up photography.

In 1953 he met Pablo Picasso and for the next year and a half kept sending him his photographs and listening to Picassos advise. Their friendship lasted until the artists death.

In 1968 he founded, together with his friend Michel Tournier, the Rencontres dArles photography festival, which is held annually in July.

In 2003 he became a knight of the Légion dhonneur.

In 2007 he was the first photographer to be elected to the French Academy of Fine Arts. Clergue has contributed to hundreds of group and solo exhibitions in Europe and America.

Many art books and monographs have dealt with his works.

Clergues works are in numerous significant museum and private collections the world over.

Lives in Arles.

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