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Born in Nancy, France, in 1904.

Together with his parents, he moved to Paris in 1911.

In 1920 he began to take photography classes from his father, a professional photographer.

After serving in the Army as an artist, Schall left for Lebanon where he continued to practice photography.

He returned to Paris in 1926, resumed work with his father, and in 1929 began to cooperate with local magazines.

In 1931 Roger Schall opened a studio of his own on Montmartre.

In 1934 his collaboration with the Vogue magazine started.

In 1936, on a Vu magazine commission, Schall covered preparations for and the holding of the Olympic Games in Berlin.

From 1939 he cooperated with the Life magazine.

Between 1940 and1944 Schall photographed Paris invaded by the Nazis, focusing on fashion and entertainment in the occupied city. Right after the Liberation Rogers brother Raymond published Paris sous la botte des Nazis, illustrated with snapshots taken by Schall and other Paris photographers. That book was to have five reprints.

After the war Schall continued to photograph until 1965.

Roger Schall died in 1995.

Several monographs dealt with Schalls works, which can be found in museum and private collections of Europe and the USA.

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