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Born in Mihald, Hungary, on 9 December 1901.

His schooling began in Hungary.

In 1918 Steiner moved to Vienna, Austria.

In 1928 he graduated from Viennas Polytechnic Institute, majoring in electrical engineering.

Simultaneously, Steiner served as an assistant to Dr. Joseph Maria Eder, the well-known author of The History of Photography, at the Higher School of Technology of Vienna.

Steiner took up photography in 1924.

In 1932 he saw his photographs published by magazines and contributed to an exhibition of Hungarian photographers.

In 1933 Steiner worked as a sound engineer for the Paramount Pictures studio.

After visiting Morocco, Steiner became a professional photographer in 1933-1934 and opened his first photo studio in Paris.

From 1934 he regularly contributed to different photo exhibitions in France, Germany, Austria and other European countries.

In addition to traditional photography, Steiner experimented with photomontage and the chemical treatment of photo images and wrote articles on photographic techniques.

Vogue, Match, Harpers Bazaar and other magazines published Steiners works.

In 1945 Steiner abandoned experimental and reporting photography and confined himself to photographing nudes, as well as to technical and science photography.

André Steiner died in Paris in 1978.

Steiners works are in many museum and private collections throughout the world and have been analyzed in several monographs and numerous publications.

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