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Born in Sverdlovsk in 1925.

In 1946-1947 attended the Latvian Academy of Arts in Riga and between 1947 and 1954 studied at the Surikov Art Institute of Moscow.

In 1955 joined the Moscow branch of the Artists Union (MOSKh).

Since the 1950s has exhibited his works.

In 1976 emigrated from the Soviet Union.

Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the New York Academy of Sciences and the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EAASH).

The Tree of Life Museum of Ernst Neizvesty opened in Uttersberg, Sweden, in 1987, and native Sverdlovsk opened a Neizvestny museum in 1990.

Does modelling, paintings and graphic works, including book design.

Lives in New York.

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